From Side Hustle to Success: Brothers Build Men’s Grooming Empire

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Sam Lewkowict, CEO of Black Wolf Nation, exemplifies the power of a side gig in achieving success. Starting with a car detailing side hustle to supplement their income while building Black Wolf Nation, the Lewkowict brothers eventually shifted their focus entirely to their grooming brand.

At 22, Sam and his brother Alex launched Black Wolf Nation, which has now surpassed $50 million in revenue and secured retail presence in major stores like Rite Aid and CVS. Their journey began with a car detailing inspiration from YouTube, leading them to dive into the world of auto detailing armed with passion and determination.

Despite being novices in car detailing, the brothers immersed themselves in YouTube tutorials, honing their skills on their parents’ cars before venturing out to offer their services to the community. Their half-price offer for the first detail proved to be a successful strategy, propelling their side hustle forward.

As Black Wolf Nation grew, the brothers made the tough decision to bid farewell to their car detailing venture to focus on their grooming brand’s expansion. Sam reflects on the personal connection with customers as a driving force behind their success, emphasizing the impact of their products on people’s lives.

Their journey from a low-risk side hustle to a multimillion-dollar business showcases the transformative potential of chasing big dreams with dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.

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