£5 Million Government Support Unveiled for Scottish Start-ups

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The Scottish Government has announced a £5 million package of support for start-ups, aimed at developing a world-class technology sector and expanding the number of women starting and scaling-up businesses.

Main Highlights of the Support Package

Funding to expand the Scottish EDGE business funding competition, helping broaden and tailor the range of financial support available to fledgling businesses. Development of pre-start support, aimed at stimulating the earliest stages of business creation and product development for under-represented groups. Support to maximize the economic impact of university spin-out companies and commercialize research. Investment in initiatives that will attract the world’s top talent and showcase Scotland as a global destination for start-up founders and investors.

Strategic Partnership with Codebase and Scottish EDGE. Codebase, the delivery partner of the Scottish Government’s £42 million Techscaler programme, will partner with Scottish EDGE to develop the end-to-end support offered to entrepreneurs.

Government’s Commitment to Start-ups. Deputy First Minister and Economy Secretary Kate Forbes emphasized the government’s belief in Scotland’s innovators, entrepreneurs, and disruptors, stating, “This government believes in you and we will back you.”

Tackling Gender Imbalance in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur and investor Ana Stewart, author of the Pathways report, praised the government’s meaningful step forward in tackling the extreme gender imbalance in entrepreneurship. She highlighted the importance of a strategic approach with multi-year investment to address these persistent challenges. The Scottish Government’s £5 million support package, combined with the partnership between Codebase and Scottish EDGE, aims to provide one of the most comprehensive government-backed support networks in Europe for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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