Elaia and YCombinator back Phospho with €1.7M for GenAI Application Monitoring

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Phospho is developing a monitoring platform for LLM apps in production that can be leveraged by both tech and product teams.

Today product analytics and monitoring platforms developer Phospho announced a €1.7 million funding round led by Elaia and YCombinator.

Big Language Models (LLMs) fundamentally alter and complicate the way software developers create their products and user interfaces. Phospho is developing a framework for genAI application monitoring that the tech and product teams can use.

With the help of this technology, these teams can keep an eye on user interactions at a large scale, identify problems, and derive insights to improve the conversational experience.

Because AI models are stochastic, or simply random, it is very challenging to develop a dependable product and monitor the metrics to improve the user experience. This is the role of Phospho.

Phospho provides developers and product managers creating LLM apps with three primary features:

  • Keep track of: identify and obtain aggregated insights from every user encounter.
  • Detect: Phospho AI algorithms categorize sessions in LLM apps and automatically identify irregularities.
  • Enhance: use Phospho’s analytics to conduct experiments and determine how users interact with a product, facilitating ongoing enhancement

The business employs AI models to mine end-user interactions for both quantitative and qualitative insights. Product managers and developers can swiftly sort through massive amounts of unstructured data with only a few lines of code.

The €1.7 million pre-seed investment is led by Elaia Partners and YCombinator, with deep domain expert Business Angels also participating. This shows the industrial value of Phospho’s solution:

Vincent Nallatamby is the GenAI Product Manager at Google. Mehdi Ghissassi is the Director of Product at Google Deepmind. François Dorléans is a McKinsey co-founder at Stratumn. Nicolas Schul is the Product at Mistral AI.

Phospho will be able to put together a committed team that is focused on this goal thanks to the funds. The Phospho team is a part of the January 2024 YCombinator batch that is the newest.