By the end of 2024, there will be twice as many electric vehicle charging stations in Australia

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A recent analysis predicts that the number of electric vehicle charging stations in Australia will double once more in the upcoming year, following a record-breaking rise in the previous twelve months.

According to a research published by the consulting firm Next System, Australia had a 90% increase in the number of car-charging locations in 2023.

Additionally, it was discovered that Chargefox supplied the largest percentage of charging locations, despite Tesla dominating the market for electric vehicles.

The results were released following record-breaking sales of electric cars and in spite of worries expressed by some prospective customers that Australia’s charging infrastructure was insufficient to accommodate the new technology.

Australia has witnessed an additional 397 car-charging locations and 755 new charge points created during 2023, according to the Public Fast Charger Network report.

That was a 90% increase in charging sites, an 83% increase in total charging stations, and a 93% increase in charging capacity year over year.

According to the research, that number would climb noticeably once more in 2024.

Founder of Next System Daniel Bleakley stated that according to his study, 470 more charging stations are already planned for Australia, and 870 more charging sites might be added this year, increasing the country’s total to over 1,600 by the end of 2024. The forecast was made using network providers’ past performance as a basis.

“Australia’s public EV fast charger network is clearly accelerating after a slow start,” stated Bleakley.

“Our research reveals that the EV-charging network is actually currently growing faster than the Australian EV fleet. This is despite the fact that lack of public fast-charging infrastructure is frequently cited as a major barrier to the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia.” According to the survey, Chargefox, a local company, has installed the most electric chargers in Australia, running more than one in every three charging stations. Tesla comes in second with 10% of the market, followed by Evie Networks with 23%.