7 programming languages to land a job in google


Known for its readability and versatility, Python is widely used at Google for various purposes, including backend development, automation, and scripting.


Google heavily relies on Java, particularly for building large-scale, robust, and scalable systems. Android app development, which is a significant part of Google's ecosystem, is also done using Java.


Many of Google's core products, such as Google Search and Google Chrome, are built using C++. C++ is known for its performance and is crucial for developing high-performance systems.


For front-end development and building interactive web applications, JavaScript is essential. Google's web applications, including Gmail and Google Docs, heavily use JavaScript.

Go (Golang):

Developed by Google, Go is designed for simplicity and efficiency. It's increasingly used in Google's cloud services and infrastructure projects.


Database management is crucial in many applications, and Google uses SQL extensively for managing and querying databases. Understanding database concepts and SQL is important for various roles.

Swift (for iOS development):

If you're interested in working on mobile applications, especially for iOS, having proficiency in Swift is valuable. While this is not as universally required as some other languages, it's relevant for certain roles.