VC Vsquared Ventures closes €214 million for Largest European Early-stage Deep Tech Fund

Vsquared Ventures
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Vsquared Ventures, one of Europe’s top early-stage deep tech funds, has announced the successful final closing of its latest fund, Vsquared II. This fund closed oversubscribed at €214 million, surpassing its initial target of €165 million, making it the largest European early-stage deep tech fund to date and reinforcing the deep tech momentum in Europe.

With this new capital, Vsquared will continue to support founders building companies based on groundbreaking technologies that create new markets and become global leaders, ensuring Europe’s future readiness. The pan-European fund maintains Vsquared’s commitment to fostering a sovereign and resilient European deep tech ecosystem, a mission it has championed since its inception. The closing of Vsquared II brings the firm’s total assets under management to approximately €450 million.

Vsquared II focuses on six key growth themes: AI & next-gen software, energy transition, new computing and sensing, new space, robotics and manufacturing, and tech-bio. Portfolio companies are developing highly technological solutions, such as sustainable and cost-efficient battery recycling and ensuring independent access to space. Led by General Partners (GPs) Lise Rechsteiner, Thomas Oehl, Herbert Mangesius, and Benedikt von Schoeler, Vsquared has backed some of Europe’s most promising deep tech companies, including Isar Aerospace, Zama, IQM Quantum, Inbrain Neuroelectronics, and The Exploration Company.

The GPs commented, “There is immense opportunity for Europe to become a global deep tech powerhouse, which is crucial for the continent’s sovereignty and future security. Companies that solve real problems with real technology on a global scale will succeed, and these are the ones we partner with. As we advance with Vsquared II, we remain dedicated to leveraging not only capital but also our expertise, extensive partnerships, and network for our founders, aiming to prove that the next global deep tech leaders can and will be European.”

The new capital has already led to investments in a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge technology companies, including Neura Robotics (cognitive robotics), Cylib (next-generation battery recycling technology), Quantune (wearable laser-based biomarker measurement systems), Atrandi (next-gen sequencing at scale), Dynelectro (cost-efficient and sustainable hydrogen production), Lace Lithography (chip patterning technology), ConstellR (space-based insights), and Synthara (integrating in-memory computing).

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