Sportstech Startup Lapso Studios in Barcelona Raises €1.5 million to Expedite Growth

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The €1.5 million first round of funding for Lapso Studios, a sportstech company that offers a healthy, all-around training experience by fusing cycling, coaching, and dancing, has closed. Another minority investor has joined the venture, which is headed by Thomas Meyer, the creator of Desigual, through his family business “La Vida es Chula.”

The business was started in 2021 by Eugenia Llopart and her four partners, and it has been successful ever since its first and sole location was opened on Diagonal, close to Plaça Francesc Macià. The company’s income growth is indicative of its strong performance; in 2023, it is anticipated to rise by over 47% from the previous year, from 542,000 euros to likely over 800,000 euros. Sportech also intends to have a positive ebitda by the end of its second year.

Lapso Studios co-founder and CEO Eugenia Llopart stated: “We are incredibly appreciative to Thomas and the other investors for having put their faith in our idea.

For us, the fact that a businessman of Thomas’ caliber and caliber has confidence in Lapso validates not only our business plan but also our management. With this operation, the business enters a new stage in which it will continue to develop and thrive.

The funds from the transaction will be used by Lapso Studios to accelerate its expansion. Regarding this, the business intends to create new studios in Barcelona and other Spanish towns as part of an ambitious expansion plan.