Ritz-Carlton Ties Up with Starlink to Improve Internet Access

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In a news statement, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection announced that SpaceX will be implementing Starlink throughout its fleet.
The company is the first in the industry to offer free access to Starlink premium Wi-Fi services, including streaming, video calls, VPN, and more, thanks to the integration of SpaceX’s Starlink onboard the Evrima.

The future ships Ilma and Luminara, which are expected to launch in 2024 and 2025, respectively, will also have internet connectivity.

“We understand the necessity of today’s traveler to stay just as connected at sea as they are at home. The inclusion of SpaceX’s Starlink on board allows our guests to explore the world while staying seamlessly connected to it,” said Jim Murren, executive chairman and CEO of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.

“Elevating our onboard Wi-Fi enables our guests to stream their favorite shows, stay updated with the latest news, and share vacation photos with improved dependability and at swifter speeds,” added Lak Duraisamy, senior vice president of information technology of The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection.

“Starlink by SpaceX technology provides our guests with the consistent digital experience they expect, whether it’s checking emails or making video calls with loved ones.”

The elegant, stylish, and cozy yachts of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection combine the carefree freedom of sailing with the opulent residential atmosphere and renown service of The Ritz-Carlton.

An experience of a lifetime to be untethered is provided by a cruise with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, where you may sail into the center of famous cities and drop anchor off secret island hideouts.

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