Opportunities for Innovators and Entrepreneurs are Provided in Qatar

Citation: Image used for information purpose only. Picture Credit: https://thepeninsulaqatar.com/

Qatar is quickly becoming a center where a solid economic base supports a bright future, modern infrastructure coexists with traditional hospitality, and abundant resources and unmatched connectivity combine to offer rich prospects for aspirational investors.

Dr. Nadir Yildirim, Executive Director, Office of Innovation and Industrial Relations at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) said, “We strongly believe that Web summit Qatar 2024 is a game changer for the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem not only in Qatar but beyond the region as well. It will help us to commercialise our research outcomes starting from Qatar to the global markets. I do see the summit as a big step and believe that it will be a game changer for our ecosystem.”

Speaking about AI, Dr. Yildirim stated, “We at HBKU are focused on artificial intelligence, sustainability, precision medicine, biomedical sciences, and social progress—all of which are critical subjects for today’s global market. We are primarily focused on AI businesses and technology, and we anticipate initial commercialization both domestically and globally.

He continued, saying that Qatar’s digital transformation is currently in a clean and obvious acceleration phase because all necessary tasks have been completed. At this point, the phase is being changed, and the addition of partners and organizations like Web Summit will have a positive effect on Qatar’s digital transformation as well.

The leadership of Qatar came up with a magnificent vision for the country’s future, and Web Summit-style organizations will carry it out and help all of us achieve our objectives—possibly even before 2030. “I think that scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators in Qatar have a very bright future ahead of them.

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