New Age Tech Startup ‘Hatch’ Secures Investment of $3 Million

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Tech startups converged at the W Loft to present their visions to an astute audience of over 100 VCs, angel investors, founders, and fellow entrepreneurs. Among them shone a rising star, Hatch AI, fresh from completing a successful seed funding round.

Just under 6 months ago, budding tech startups gathered at the W Loft for a pivotal Demo Day hosted by Crown Ventures Accelerator. This marked a significant moment for the future of tech innovators within the community, as it was the first-ever business accelerator tailored for frum startups in the United States.

Among the showcased startups, one stood out as a rising star. Hatch, a crucial fundraising tool seamlessly integrating AI and third-party data enrichment, is quickly gaining traction not only within the nonprofit sector but also among Chabad Houses.

Fast forward to the present day, and Hatch AI has successfully concluded its seed funding round, securing an impressive $3 million in investment. Fueled by its performance at Demo Day, where Hatch secured its inaugural investor for this round, the startup has continued to capture the interest of prominent VCs in the months that followed.

In the recent seed funding round led by Differential Ventures, notable participation came from Character, venture capitalist Howard Morgan, and a consortium of distinguished angel investors. Among previous investors were David Magerman, Tiferes Ventures, and Adam Miller, the founder of Cornerstone OnDemand.

This achievement builds upon prior funding rounds amounting to $2 million, resulting in a cumulative total of $5 million raised.

Yehoshua Werde, founder of Crown Ventures Accelerator, expresses excitement about having Hatch in their second cohort, emphasizing that their success underscores the potential of frum tech startups when provided with additional support. He adds, “We’re immensely proud of them and eagerly anticipate their continued growth!”

Hatch, pioneering the Giving Intelligence Platform, offers organizations fresh insights into the majority of donors within their database, crafting a comprehensive human profile. Leveraging analysis of more than 80 meticulously curated data points sourced from diverse public outlets, Hatch empowers organizations to devise personalized engagement strategies precisely attuned to the capacities, preferences, and interests of their supporters.

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