Naboo, Headquartered in Paris, Secures €7.5 million in Funding to Significantly Disrupt the Corporate Seminar Market

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French startup Naboo has secured a funding round of €7.5 million, with support from investors such as ISAI, Kima Ventures, Better Angle, and its existing partners CapHorn and Maif Avenir. The funds will be used to enhance the platform’s features, particularly by integrating artificial intelligence components, and to expand its presence across Europe.

Since its inception in 2022, Naboo has disrupted the corporate seminar market, challenging traditional event agencies. Its value proposition is straightforward: a comprehensive platform that allows companies of all sizes and industries to easily book everything needed for corporate offsite events, including accommodations, workspaces, catering, activities, transportation, and even finer details to enhance the experience.

In 2022, the French corporate seminar industry was valued at €9 billion by Ernst & Young and has since experienced considerable growth, estimated at around 30% annually. This growth is primarily driven by the rise of remote work, which has highlighted the need for stronger team cohesion. As a result, companies are increasingly organizing seminars tailored to specific teams rather than entire organizations, resulting in more personalized and effective team-building activities. Additionally, amid the growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, eco-friendly and locally sourced seminars are becoming more popular, providing a more sustainable and cost-effective option for businesses.

Naboo is disrupting the traditional B2B event market by offering a solution that addresses the growing demand for simplicity and transparency. Unlike the conventional approach, which relies heavily on quotes, Naboo’s platform resembles the seamless booking experiences seen in the B2C travel sector, exemplified by platforms like Booking and Airbnb. Through its innovative platform, Naboo enables companies to book comprehensive seminars with just one click, providing a transparent and upfront pricing structure. With access to a diverse range of options from over 2500 locations and 500 partners offering services such as catering and activities, companies can tailor their seminar packages to suit their unique needs.

“We’re thrilled about the journey we’ve had since Naboo’s inception: over half of the CAC 40 companies have already turned to us for their seminars. What astonishes us the most is how quickly Naboo catches on among its clients once a team books a seminar. What really draws them in is the combination of ultra-customization and the immediacy of booking, an experience that we alone offer today. They’ve never encountered anything like it, turning them into our most vocal advocates. This significant edge is made possible by AI and data, areas where we’ve decided to invest heavily with this funding round,” said Maxime Eduardo, Co-founder and CEO of Naboo.

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