Most Top 20 Indian Start-ups New to LinkedIn’s List


Indian start-ups are navigating a challenging funding environment, with venture funding dropping significantly from the previous year. In the first quarter of this year, venture funding amounted to $2.19 billion, a stark decline from the $11.34 billion invested in the same quarter the previous year. Despite this overall downturn, certain sectors have shown resilience.

Fintech continues to be an attractive area for investors, especially with the prospect of funding on the path to recovery and global tech giants showing interest in India’s fintech landscape. Additionally, the rise of edtech highlights the ongoing demand for upskilling among professionals and students, driven by technological advancements like AI.

LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Top Start-ups 2023” list for India reflects these trends, with a strong presence of fintech-related firms and the inclusion of two new edtech start-ups. The list features 20 promising start-ups, including 14 newcomers, showcasing the vibrancy and innovation within India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

LinkedIn compiled the list based on four key criteria: employment growth, jobseeker interest, engagement, and the ability to attract talent from LinkedIn’s top companies. To be eligible, companies need to be headquartered in India and have a staff of 50 or more employees. LinkedIn also lowered its age criteria to include start-ups five years and younger, emphasizing early-stage ventures.

Among the notable start-ups on the list are Zepto, an ultra-fast grocery delivery service that became India’s first unicorn of 2023, and BluSmart, an electric ride-hailing platform with plans to expand its fleet and charging infrastructure.

Despite the funding challenges in the current economic climate, India’s start-up ecosystem remains dynamic, driven by innovative solutions and the resilience of entrepreneurs in various sectors, particularly fintech and edtech.’

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