Local Businesswoman Developed an “affordable meal” at less than R20, Sufficient to Feed a Family of Four

affordable meal
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Recently, Shoprite collaborated with a local supplier to launch Pasta and Me, an economical meal option under their Homegrown label range. Priced at R19.99 per pack, this one-pot meal serves a family of four for less than R5 per person. Available in three flavors—steak and chops, jalapeno and cheese, and roast chicken and veg—it provides a variety of options for budget-conscious shoppers.

In a bid to enhance food affordability and accessibility for South Africans facing financial constraints, Shoprite has partnered with a local supplier to introduce an economical meal option.

Known as Pasta and Me, this offering falls under Shoprite’s exclusive Homegrown label range and is presented in a 350g portion.

Priced at just R19.99 per pack, Pasta and Me is designed to feed a family of four, equating to less than R5 per person.

Launched in 2023, the product is the brainchild of Aziza Parker, founder of Pasta & Me, driven by her commitment to providing affordable food options, particularly for those in need.

“My passion for creating affordable meals is rooted in my upbringing on the Cape Flats,” she shared with News24.

“During my upbringing, I witnessed the struggles many faced and learned the importance of ingenuity in meal preparation to ensure everyone in the family could be fed with limited resources. This principle has always guided my mission in developing affordable meal options for all,” Parker reflected.

To realize this vision, Parker collaborated with Shoprite, proposing the addition of a family meal to their product lineup. Following numerous discussions with their product development and private label teams, the noodle pack concept came to fruition.

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