Launch of the Business Bureau at Service NSW

Service NSW

The establishment of the Service NSW Business Bureau, a cutting-edge project aimed at removing obstacles to facilitate business dealings, has strengthened the NSW Government’s strategy to assist companies in the state.

With a focus on cutting unnecessary red tape, assisting companies in interacting with the government, and creating growth possibilities, the Service NSW Business Bureau will offer small business owners a voice at the table.

With a significant update to the Service NSW Business Bureau App, the Service NSW Business Bureau will make it even simpler for companies to get in touch with specialized support. Businesses will benefit from the app’s support and new features, which include: A) tracking and storing licenses related to their company and staff in one location; B) scheduling professional advisors in accordance with their particular business requirements; and C) viewing bank details, transaction reports, and voucher payment summaries.

Regardless of where a company is in its expansion process, the Service NSW Business Bureau offers free, individualized assistance in understanding and utilizing government programs, as well as digital solutions for managing licenses and transactions.

The Service NSW Business Bureau will link businesses with the necessary support, whether it be one-on-one advice on business planning, marketing, or cash flow, or information on government legislation, processes, and programs.

The creation of a Small Business Charter by the NSW Government, which will offer a framework for interacting with and assisting small businesses, has commenced.

The Service NSW Business Bureau will be in charge of overseeing the Small Business Charter and offering suggestions and counsel for additional steps that can be taken to assist small businesses.

In NSW, there are over 840,000 small enterprises, accounting for 98% of all firms in the state. 1.8 million individuals work for small firms in NSW’s private sector, making up about 45% of the state’s total private sector workforce.


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