Gurugram-based Fashion Startup Zyod Secures $18 M Investment

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Zyod, an Indian startup, offers a tech platform to global fashion brands, streamlining their entire design-to-delivery process. The company has recently raised $18 million in a new funding round to expand its presence to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Based in Gurugram, Zyod collaborates with Indian factories to manufacture fashion wear for global brands. The startup provides an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, described as the “brain of manufacturing,” which instructs factories on what needs to be produced, how it should be made, and when it should be done, ensuring optimal capacity utilization.

Ankit Jaipuria, Zyod’s co-founder, shared with TechCrunch that over 80,000 small and medium factories in India operate at less than 33% capacity. Zyod’s ERP platform helps these factories identify necessary components, such as fabric, and details how the fabric should be cut and stitched according to brand specifications to maximize efficiency.

Additionally, Zyod has developed a daily production reporting system that provides factories with a day-to-day action plan. This innovation addresses the challenges faced by local factories and their labor force, who often rely on traditional methods like paper and pen or WhatsApp for management.

“We provide daily instructions that used to come from factory owners, detailing what, how, and when things need to be made. Zyod acts as the brain of manufacturing, while the factories are the executing arms,” Jaipuria explained.

Founded in early 2023 by Jaipuria and Ritesh Khandelwal, Zyod now serves over 550 customers across 18 countries, adding about 400 clients in the last two years. Initially focused on helping D2C brands with faster launch times and low minimum order quantities, Zyod began onboarding enterprise customers in the October quarter. Major brands, including Reliance Industries and Aditya Birla in India, Japan’s Urban Research, Pennsylvania’s Anthropologie, the U.K.’s NEXT and Boohoo, and Spain’s VAN-DOS, are among its early clients.

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