GoPizza to Begin more than 200 GS25 Outlets in South Korea

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The pizza chain GoPizza is gearing up to expand its presence across South Korea, with plans to launch in over 200 GS25 outlets in the first quarter, following a successful trial run at the GS25 The Gwan-Ak branch in Seoul last November.

In this partnership, GS25 will introduce GoPizza’s Basak par-baked dough, and all GS25 X GoPizza outlets will be equipped with the ‘Goven Mini’ oven.

Additionally, GoPizza has collaborated with the Singaporean cinema chain Cathay Cineplex, introducing its ‘Pizza Everywhere’ concept. The venture debuted at Jem Cathay Cineplex during this month’s school holidays.

Jay Lim, GoPizza’s global CEO, expressed optimism about the brand’s growth, aiming to surpass 400 outlets globally by the first half of the year. Lim emphasized the importance of these partnerships in solidifying GoPizza’s position as a leading pizza brand, redefining pizza consumption and enhancing dining experiences in Singapore and South Korea.

With ambitious goals, GoPizza aims to nearly double its global pizza sales to one million by the end of the year. Presently operating in seven countries, including South Korea, India, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, GoPizza stands as a food-tech company offering affordable and fast personal-sized pizzas. Leveraging innovative approaches such as mobile delivery vans and outlets in public spaces, along with specialized par-bake dough and ovens, GoPizza strives to provide customers with customizable pizzas at affordable prices, ensuring quick and consistent production even in small kitchens with minimal staff.

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