David Beckham Supports Manchester United Sale

Manchester United
Manchester United

David Beckham, co-owner and President of Inter Miami, expresses support for a takeover of his former club, Manchester United, citing the need for stability and the right time for new ownership. Dismissing rumors of serving as an ambassador in a potential sale to Qatar’s Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Beckham states there have been no discussions yet.

While acknowledging his longstanding relationship with Qatar due to his involvement with PSG, he clarifies the absence of current talks. During the interview, Beckham touches on various ventures, including his partnership with Authentic Brands CEO Jamie Salter.

Their collaboration extends to Authentic Studios, responsible for the Netflix docuseries “Beckham,” detailing his rise to fame and marriage to Victoria Beckham. Beckham’s successful stint at Manchester United is prominently featured in the documentary. The club has faced challenges under the Glazer family’s leadership, experiencing a six-year trophy drought before winning the English League Cup this year.

The team’s turbulent period includes star player Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure following criticism of manager Erik ten Hag and the Glazer family. Currently ranked 10th in the Premier League, Manchester United holds a record of four wins and four losses. Beckham’s involvement with Inter Miami, which signed a significant deal with soccer icon Lionel Messi earlier this year, is also highlighted.

Managing owner Jorge Mas anticipates Messi’s signing to double the soccer club’s revenues over the next year. The interview provides insights into Beckham’s views on Manchester United’s situation, dispelling rumors and emphasizing his diverse business endeavors, from Inter Miami to collaborations with Authentic Brands.