Adidas CEO Asserts Kanye West Is Not A Bad Person And Suggests His Comments Were Not Intended to be Antisemitic


Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden defended rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, stating that he believes Ye didn’t mean his series of antisemitic remarks and is not a bad person. Gulden’s comments came during an appearance on philanthropist Nicolai Tangen’s podcast “In Good Company.”

The Yeezy collaboration between Adidas and Ye fell apart last fall after the rapper made a series of widely criticized antisemitic remarks, leading Adidas to terminate its partnership with him and stop production of Yeezy-branded products. Other retailers like Foot Locker and Gap also pulled Yeezy products from their stores in response to public outcry.

Gulden expressed his disappointment over the end of the partnership, describing it as “very sad” because it meant losing one of the most successful collaborations in history. He acknowledged that such developments are part of the business when working with third parties, be they athletes or entertainers.

While Gulden defended Ye’s character, an Adidas spokesperson clarified that the company’s position on Ye “has not changed,” emphasizing that ending the partnership was the appropriate decision.

Adidas enjoyed considerable success with its Yeezy collaboration, and it remains to be seen how the company will navigate this chapter in its brand history and future collaborations.

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