A Business Class Customer Praised for not Switching Seats


A passenger has shared their response to being approached by another passenger who tried to persuade them to switch seats on a business-class aircraft. The business class passenger on the latest flight used Reddit to describe how a woman approached them with the request. “I got on the plane and made my way to my bulkhead window seat in business class. I was preparing myself for an extended flight. A woman approached the aisle seat and set her suitcase down.

The Reddit user added, “They were travelling alone. She glanced at me and asked if I would be ready to switch with her husband so that he and her could seat together. The Reddit user claims that when they inquired about her husband’s current seat, the other passenger told them that he was in row 25, which was in the economy section. The Reddit user said they declined to switch seats because the woman was attempting to get her husband a seat in a more expensive area of the aircraft without paying for it.

In their since-deleted Reddit post, the business-class passenger revealed that the woman was “visibly upset” over not getting a seat and “couldn’t believe” she wouldn’t be able to sit next to her husband on the aircraft. “I proposed that she swap seats with her husband’s neighbour so that the two of them could sit together. With a sneer, she informed me that she had purchased a first-class ticket! The post was later removed. “I grinned a little and replied that, yes, I had as well,” it said.